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Florida QSO Party

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    Florida QSO Party

    The Florida QSO Party is next weekend, April 27-28. Organizers hope and expect each of the 67 counties in the state to be on the air. The
    2018 results and revised rules for 2019 are on the FQP website: Among the changes, a new "expedition" category has been added, especially designed for multi- county "adventurers/campers," mobile stations; lowering the low power limit from 150 watts to 100 watts; and suggested frequency ranges.
    The object of the event, to encourage activity and fun from Florida, with everyone working Florida and Florida stations working each other and those outside Florida, including DX of course. There are two 10- hour operating periods with a 10-hour break in between, which some Florida stations will use, no doubt, to move to a different county.
    First, Saturday from local noon (16Z) to 9:59 PM local time (0159Z).
    Second, Sunday, from local 8 AM (12Z) to local 5:59 PM (2159Z).
    Florida stations give RS/RST and county. Others give RS/RST and state, province, or country. The bands are 40, 20, 15 and 10. At least 15 mobile stations are expected to be on.

    Another part of FQP will be five stations with 1x1 callsigns, whose callsign suffixes spell BEACH. Contact all five to qualify for an award.
    QSL those five via KU9C direct or bureau.

    Florida QSO Party
    73 Al 4L5A