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CQ WW RTTY Contest - 2020

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    CQ WW RTTY Contest - 2020

    Greetings worldwide RTTY contesters! The CQWW RTTY management team hope you are having a safe and healthy summer.

    With the conclusion of WW Digi, The 2020/2021 contest season is now underway, so accordingly we announce this year's edition of the mother of all RTTY competitions, the 2020 CQ World Wide RTTY contest on September 26-27, sponsored by CQ Magazine. This contest, that encourages participation from all over the world has some unique differences from its CW and SSB cousins that raise the fun factor including a third multiplier with US/VE stations and much more making it a favorite to the world wide RTTY contesting community.

    Rules records, and past results, certificates and more are available at the CQWW RTTY home page at The contest period runs September 26-27 2020 0000-2359

    Traditionally this contest has encouraged travel to various destinations for many, but as we all know the new normal may prevent quite a bit of that this season, however I am sure you will all agree that RTTY is a uniquely good mode for remote operating, and with plenty of operators sheltered in place or operating from home, it is quite probable there could be record participation this year. The entire CQWW RTTY contest team asks all participants to adhere to the safety/medical recommendations of your respective countries/localities when planning your contest events. Let's work together to keep it safe and have some fun!

    This year we would like to welcome Chris Tate, N6WM as a member of the CQWW RTTY management team. Chris will be working with the team on contest promotion/communication/social media and results. To that effect please take some time to document your efforts, big or small, take notes, offer soapbox comments, and we welcome photos of your stations/shacks as you prepare your stations and participate in the contest. Feel free to contact or submit information to him directly at, and expect communications from him periodically in the future.

    We all look forward to your participation and look forward to seeing you in our logs!

    Ed W0YK
    Rich N1IXF
    Chris N6WM
    73 Al 4L5A