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    CQWW and K1AR

    CQWWSSB - 2023
    It all started when I received an email from VR2ZQZ where he informed me that he had sent an email to CQ WW CC in which he reported that VR2XAN was using the cluster while working the CQ WW DX SSB Contest 2023.
    I did not pay attention to this letter because the official results, had already been published and from my experience, I knew they could not be changed.
    But a miracle happened, my friends called me and told me that VR2XAN had been moved to the Assisted category.
    I thought they were joking with me at first, but they advised me to look at the CQ WW Contest website.
    I looked at the CQ WW Contest website and saw that indeed the results have been changed and I am ranked #1 in the world and there is a award on the website confirming this as well.
    I was very surprised, but copied the award and posted it on my Facebook page with the title Today's Surprise.
    However, that wasn't the only surprise of the day as later on I got a calls from my friends telling me that the VR2XAN result had been returned to the Non Assisted category.
    At first glance, what happened? Nothing much?
    As to why this happened, I'll write more later.
    What did I do after that?
    I composed a letter and sent it to the cq contest forum, but this letter was not published.
    I realized that my message was blocked.
    Then in order to give the correspondence an official status I posted a letter in the CQ WW Contest contact section.
    Making the letter official allows me to publish the correspondence.
    I received a reply to my letter from K1AR where at the beginning of the letter he made fun of me, that I probably didn't know he would receive it.
    Please see my official Letters to CQWW Contact Form and answer from K1AR side:
    Dear Sir\Mrs
    I would like to express my opinion on the published results of CQ WW DX SSB Contest 2023.
    I believe that as long as K1AR remains the director of the CQ WW Contest there is no point in participating in this contest.
    I have no claims to VR2XAN who was awarded 1st place in CQ WW DX SSB 2023 SOSB 10m Contest.
    I don't have a claim and it's not my job to check VR2XAN's log.
    I have a beef with K1AR I ask him to explain how he made two contradictory decisions in one day?
    First he put VR2XAN in the Assisted category and then he put him back in Unassisted again.
    How he was able to learn the VR2XAN log and audio file in one day.
    And if he hasn't, then I believe he should voluntarily resign as director of the CQ WW Contest because he is doing irreparable damage to the reputation of the contest by his actions.
    What kind of contest where someone makes decisions alone and without any basis?
    With Best regards,
    Vakhtang Mumladze 4L8A

    Then, I got the answer:
    Hello Vakhtang,
    Thank you for your email and expressing your concerns. Maybe you didn't realize that the contact form on comes directly to me, so I'm glad I was able to directly receive your note.
    I'm sorry to learn how you feel about this situation. It was a difficult decision as you might imagine. In the end, after speaking with many people and further reviewing the data, the claims by VR2ZQZ were not strong enough for me to move the XAN log to Assisted. Yes, I changed my mind, based on the evidence and additional feedback.
    After a closer look at XAN's log, it is entirely possible for him to achieve his results using SO2V operating techniques. A recording would not disprove this possibility.
    We work very hard to ensure that the results are accurate and fair. And, yes, we occasionally make mistakes. But, I believe it's untrue to say that the contest has suffered irreparable harm. Please know that I and my committee of highly capable contesters are deeply committed to the integrity of the CQ WW. One disagreement does not change that overall goal and result.
    73 and my best,
    John, K1AR

    Then again my replay:
    Hi John!
    This letter was meant for you and I sent it through the CQ WW contact to make it an official letter and not a private letter.
    I made this decision after my message was blocked on CQ CONTEST.
    In this regard, I take the reply to my official letter to be your official reply as well.
    There is no explanation and justification for your actions as you moved VR2XAN to Assisted category in the beginning, changed the awards that were available on the site during the whole day and at the end of the day returned VR2XAN to Non Assisted category again and changed awards again.
    I posted a 1st place award on my Facebook page and suffered for your wrongful misjudgment.
    Who made you make such a rash and crazy decision?
    I think you succumbed to pressure from an outside force that forced you to make this decision and certainly no logs you studied.
    Regarding SO2V this is totally stupid, it turns out the operator used a cluster and told you he used SO2V.
    You do have a deep understanding of contesting and it turns out that SO2V is a way to justify the offense and nothing else.
    So, my advice to you is to put VR2XAN back in the category it deserves.
    73 Vaho, 4L8A

    As you see I explained to him that I knew he was the one who would receive the letter, but I did it to make the letter official.
    Now, what bad thing happened from VR2XAN being first moved to the Assisted category and then brought back.
    Why I think K1AR should resign his position as director of the CQ WW Contest.
    We all love the CQ WW Contest and for many contesters it is a real treat but the actions of incompetent contest managers are destroying its reputation.
    Let's start with the fact that the logs of the participants were checked for 3 months and let's say that the judges faithfully fulfilled their duties and found nothing suspicious in VR2XAN's log.
    However, after the results were published they received a letter from VR2ZQZ where he claims that VR2XAN used the cluster then the judges without taking into account his previous work decided that VR2XAN really used the cluster and moved him to the Assisted category.
    That is, CQ WW CC made the change for the first time since the official results were released.
    This momentous decision by CQ WW will backfire on him and they then shouldn't be surprised if they receive hundreds and thousands of letters after the results are released.
    On the same day, the results changed again and VR2XAN was once again in 1st place in the Non Assisted category.
    K1AR wrote me that he got an explanation from VR2XAN where he explained to him that he used SO2V technique and did not use the cluster.
    After these explanations K1AR returned VR2XAN to the Non Assisted category and he considered VR2ZQZ's arguments to be insufficient.
    Attention here was fixed a new position, so if you used a cluster and saw that you took for example 10th place, you can say that you did not use a cluster, but used the SO2V technique
    and stay in NON ASSISTED, Is this rule for all or was it applied for the first time in this contest for VR2XAN.

    73! DE 4L8A

    4L8A CQ WW SSB Contest 2023 2nd

    4L8A CQ WW SSB Contest 2023 1st

    Looked at the CQ WW DX CW and SSB results and I can't hide my surprise.
    To what extent the level of judging has fallen.
    I know a few stories about CQ WW results and realize that there are actually many more.
    After these contests it is clear that excessive power in LP, use of robots in Assisted band, use of cluster in Non Assisted band has become the norm.
    And much more.
    It begs the question, have I been participating in contests like this my whole life?
    73 Al 4L5A