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RU3AX - Memorial - Russian 160m Contest

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    RU3AX - Memorial - Russian 160m Contest

    As you know, Boris Stepanov, RU3AX, passed away in 2017.
    He was the Contest founder and Committee member for 37 years.
    To commemorate his outstanding contribution into the Contest, we decided to rename it as RU3AX MEMORIAL RUSSIAN 160 M CONTEST.
    Contest rules are the same they were in previous years.
    We invite all 160m top band enthusiasts to participate.

    RU3AX Memorial RUSSIAN 160 METER CONTEST are sponsored jointly by the Radio Magazine and the Top Band DX Club.
    In general, new rules of the contest are close to the RUSSIAN DX CONTEST rules (exchange, scoring, QSO points, mults). Results are scored separately for the three groups: European Russia, Asiatic Russia (see WAC rules for continent definition), and the rest of the world.
    This year, the contest will take place on December 15, 2017, from 20 to 24 UTC, CW and SSB.
    There will be only MIX entries for both SO and MS (one TX) entrants.
    Foreign hams send RS(T) and QSO serial number starting 001.
    Russian hams send RS(T) and oblast ID.

    Points for Russian stations:
    QSO with a Russian station in your own continent is 2 points; QSO with a Russian station from another continent is 5 points.

    Points for foreign stations:
    QSO with a Russian station (any continent) is 10 points; QSO with your own territory is 2 points; QSO with another territory in your own continent is 3 points; QSO with another continent is 5 points.
    See DXCC rules for entity definition.

    Kaliningrad (UA2F) counts as separate DXCC entity and separate oblast for multiplier, and as EU Russia for QSO points.
    Total multiplier for all entrants is a sum of entities (DXCC list), plus Russian oblast number. Each entity and oblast count once only, regardless mode.
    Logs shall be sent in Cabrillo format. Log-file shall be named as YOUR_CALL.log, or YOUR_CALL.cbr. Your call shall be shown in subject line of the message.
    Log shall be attached to the message and sent to R7LV@DX.RU or downloaded via WEB interface at .
    You can use RDXC logging program in this contest; just replace contest name in the log file with RADIO-160.
    Logs shall be sent until Jan 01, 2018 (including).
    Winners in groups shall be awarded with commemorative prizes.
    2nd and 3rd winners will be awarded with RADIO Magazine Contest certificates.

    Everybody is welcome for the Contest!

    73! Vlad R7LV

    RU3AX Memorial Russian 160m Contest

    73 Al 4L5A