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CQ WW DX 2016 DQed

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    About modern contesting
    We hear quite often that old timers is not understand reality and its time to move SOAB to assisted etc etc
    I dont have any problem with assisted category but why you like to kill SOAB?
    Why SOAB killed and replaced to SOAB SO2R?
    In reality that kill interest of the people who can travel and setup small station in DX location and compete SO2R need much higher investment and there are not so many station in the world can support true SO2R.
    Now we talking about SOAB Assisted
    Ok why I almost not see CQ WW CC members in Assisted category? They dont like it? Why they promoting it? Why they trying to convience contest community to move to Assisted?
    How they going to control Assisted if they have difficulties to control Un Assisted SO2R today?
    All thats is very unclear for me or they like to get us to new contest can be called CQ WW fight with out of rules?
    That will be not nesessary to judge that contest and claimed scores will be final?
    73 Al 4L5A



      Many contesters dont have idea about CQ WW CC and how its work
      Its pitty but most of the members of CQ WW CC is not involve in decisions and usually their role is just to collect logs from their country
      When K3EST is director of CQ WW together with Willy UA9BA we spend hours discussing that CQ WW CC need to be changed and become real International and probably even have directors for Europe, Asia and other continents.
      I know most of the member of CQ WW CC and I know very well its hard work to judge the contest.
      Anyway with my opinion CQ WW CC need to be open to contest community.
      Doug KR2Q is always open before and talking with people in different reflectors and in private emails but now we dont see him probably he follow some bad tradition that director of CQ WW CC dont have to talk openly to the people Its really sad
      Back to the Assisted Non Assisted if really CQ WW CC cant judge SO Non Assisted anymore they need to tell that contest community and if not than have to stop attack that category
      Looking on current situation I think M/S and other Multi op categories will be most prestige in the future because prestige of SO category is really going down and all those changes
      73 Al 4L5A