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    Selection Area Team Leader Team Mate
    AF 5H3EE DL1CW
    AS #1 R8CT UA4FER
    AS #2 RC9O UA9PM
    AS #3 4X6FR 4X1DX
    AS #4 A65BP RW4WR
    AS #5 E21EIC 9M2GET
    AS #6 JH5GHM WA1Z
    EU #1 LY9A LY4L
    EU #1 ES5TV ES2RR
    EU #1 OH6KZP OH6UM
    EU #2 F8DBF F1AKK
    EU #2 OR2F ON5RA
    EU #2 F4DXW F8CMF
    EU #3 UR0MC VE3DZ
    EU #3 OM3BH OM3GI
    EU #3 OM2VL OM3RM
    EU #3 OK2ZI OK2ZC
    EU #3 US2YW UW7LL
    EU #4 EC2DX EA5KA
    EU #4 EA2OT EA8RM
    EU #5 9A1UN 9A6XX
    EU #5 E77DX 9A5K
    EU #5 S50A S57AW
    EU #6 RW7K UB7K
    EU #6 UA2FB RA2FA
    EU #6 RW1A RA1A
    EU #7 DJ5MW DL1IAO
    EU #7 DL2CC DK9IP
    NA #1 K1LZ YO9GZU
    NA #1 LZ4AX LZ3FN
    NA #1 KE3X KD4D
    NA #2 AD4Z NP4Z
    NA #2 N4YDU N3KS
    NA #3 N4TZ N1UR
    NA #4 N5AW K5WA
    NA #5 K3PA N3AD
    NA #6 N9RV N6TR
    NA #6 K6XX N6GQ
    NA #6 K2PO KU1CW
    NA #7 VY2ZM KK6ZM
    NA #8 VE7CC VE7SV
    NA #9 K9VV VE3EJ
    OC #1 N2NL W2SC
    OC #2 ZL3IO ZL4YL
    SA #1 PY1NX PY2SEX
    SA #2 CX6VM CX2BR
    Defending Champions N6MJ KL9A
    Youth Team #1 CE2MVF KG5HVO
    Youth Team #2 YO8TTT YO5LD
    Youth Team #3 HA8RT DK6SP
    Wild Card #1 9A7DX 9A3LG
    Wild Card #2 UN9LW UN7LZ
    Wild Card #3 ZL3CW F6BEE
    Wild Card #4 K1DG N2NT
    Wild Card #5 YV1DIG ...
    Sponsored Team #1 N6XI AE6Y
    Sponsored Team #2 W2GD AA3B
    Sponsored Team #3 K3LR DL1QQ
    Sponsored Team #4 E73A 4O3A
    Sponsored Team #5 YO3JR YO8SCA
    73 Al 4L5A



      The deadline for referee applications is October, 31. Later applications will not be considered.

      If someone already sent an application and did not got a confirmation, please resend.

      73 Ulf, DL5AXX
      WRTC2018 qualifications
      73 Al 4L5A



        WRTC 2018 e.V., host of the 2018 World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC) in Germany, is pleased to announce the 65 referees (63 on site and 2 alternates) that will be monitoring the competing teams during the competition July 14-15, 2018.

        A referee will be on site at each of the 63 competing stations to verify compliance with the rules and make decisions on any rule questions by the teams. The referees must be top-level contesters because they must simultaneously listen to the audio from both operators for the entire 24 hours of the WRTC2018 competition.

        The referee application and verification process was managed by Ulf Ehrlich, DL5AXX. There were over 130 applications received. The selection process considered many factors, including geographical areas, language skills and SO2R ability. The final selection was done by the Judging Committee of the WRTC 2018.

        The Judging Committee is responsible for certifying the results of the competition. Ulf Ehrlich DL5AXX is leading the committee of Dietmar Kasper, DL3DXX, Nodir Tursoon-Zadeh, EY8MM, Randy Thompson, K5ZD, and Bernd Länger, VK2IA.

        List of all referees:

        Callsign, Name, Country

        Will Roberts United States

        Mike Kasrich United States

        Roberto Ramirez Chile

        Roland Mensch Germany

        Heinrich Langkopf Germany

        Felix Kuntzsch Germany

        Ulrich Ann Germany

        Toomas Soomets Estonia

        Olof Lundberg Great Britain

        Dave Lawley Great Britain

        Laszlo Weisz Hungary

        Marco Zollinger Switzerland

        Fulvio Galli Switzerland

        Roberto Soro Italy

        Carlo de Mari Italy

        Jun Tanaka Japan

        Kazunori Watanabe Japan

        Richard Assarabowski United States

        Mark Pride United States

        Larry Crim United States

        John T. Laney III United States

        Dennis Motschenbacher United States

        Denis Pochuev United States

        Ralph A. Bellas United States

        Michael Fulcher United States

        Colin Jenkins United States

        Tim Martin Argentina

        Andrius Ignotas Lithuania

        Andrey Stefanov Sachkov Bulgaria

        George Tranos United States

        Steve London United States

        David Hawes United States

        David C. Hodge United States

        Charles Wooten United States

        Richard F. DiDonna United States

        Oliver Huber Austria

        Michael Schwab Austria

        Jouko Häyrynen Finland

        Karel Karmasin Czech Republic

        Kenneth Hemstedt Denmark

        Gert Meinen Netherlands

        Fabio Vieira Martins Brazil

        Vladislav Sitnikov Russia

        Mats Strandberg Russia

        Leo N. Xhoko Slovenia

        Kristjan Kodermac Slovenia

        Robert Kasca Slovenia

        Marijan Miletic Slovenia

        Wieslaw Kosinski Poland

        Gennady Kolmakov Russia

        Igor Syerikov Ukraine

        Gilles Renucci Canada

        Victor Androsov Canada

        Nick Lekic Canada

        Yuri Romanov Canada

        Ed Muns United States

        Dennis Egan United States

        Gerry Hull United States

        Rusty Epps United States

        Kurt Pauer United States

        Kaspars Uztics Latvia

        Girts Budis Latvia

        Mladen Bogdanov Serbia

        Goran Hajosevic Serbia

        Dušan Ćeha Serbia
        73 Al 4L5A



          WRTC 2018 - Fundraising - a look at the current situation

          Published: 20 March 2018

          About a hundred days before the start of WRTC 2018, it's time to take a look at the fundraising status.

          Rudolf DJ3WE, who took over the management of the fundraising team at the beginning of the year, informs us that so far donations of about €500,000 have been received. Rudolf has been part of the fundraising team since 2016 working with our major sponsors including YAESU and WiMo. He brings along the necessary skills for dealing with business partners through over 30 years of professional experience in various business positions.

          Of the total amount raised so far, nearly €200,000 is from donations from some 900 individual donors coming predominantly from Germany (74%) and North America (21%). In addition, around €70,000 were donated to us by amateur radio clubs. This includes €10,000 each, from DARC districts and local German clubs.

          Tent sponsorship has contributed €65,000 to the sum. We received a further €75,000 from sponsored teams, i.e. competitors who pay to take part rather than qualifying through other contests. Companies have supported us with a total of almost €90,000. Direct donations and company discounts account for another €100,000.

          Thank you to all donors and supporters.

          Overall, our current finances cover approximately 97 percent of our estimated costs. However uncertainties exist, including possible tax payments due, so we are not yet quite able to say we have accumulated the required finances. Overall however it looks good.

          We hope to be able to raise the remaining funds required in the next 100 days and look forward to receiving every donation large or small.

          73 Christian Janssen, DL1MGB
          73 Al 4L5A



            The upcoming WPX SSB contest (March 24-25 2018) will fill the band with thousands of contest calls. Among the crowd there will be a number of the larger WRTC team.

            What do we mean by larger WRTC team? WRTC is not only an event for the 126 active competitors. There are also 63 referees performing the hard job of observing 2 channels of high speed qso traffic for 24 hours. Beside this there are more than 300 volunteers working in support roles. They will support the WRTC with nearly a week of their own time to set up and support the 63 operating sites south of Berlin. Many of the volunteers are also contesters and will be taking part in the WPX contest.

            For you to identify these volunteers we have provided an XDT-File for wintest with the names and VOTA numbers of the volunteers. The VOTA number exculsively identifies a WRTC 2018 volunteer and is valid for the VOTA Award. It consists of a Prefix and a running number. For instance Dave, K3ZJ, will give out K-001 and Manfred DK2OY, DL-016.

            The wrtc.xdt file also contains the calls and names of all competitors and referees. Please import the file into your contest logging program and give the WRTC TEAM a short “GO WRTC” to motivate them for the very special event coming up in summer 2018.

            WRTC 2018 VOTA Award

            73 Al 4L5A



              WRTC 2018 - Tours and event tickets

              WRTC 2018 is not just a radio contest. It also provides contesters and their families the opportunity to gather and visit interesting places around the region where the contest is hosted.

              Visitors to WRTC 2018 in Germany can now book tours and tickets. No registration is required and payment is easy e.g. using Paypal.

              Just skip the registration page and navigate to the offers. You will find three section: Hotels, Events, and Sightseeing. (You can ignore the Hotels tab.)

              The middle tab lists the WRTC events

              You can book tickets for the opening (Thursday) and closing (Monday) events under this tab. We have more than 100 available tickets for visitors for both events.

              Please note: Dinner 1 and 2 are restricted to participants, referees and accompanying persons and so cannot be booked.

              The right tab provides the list of sightseeing tours.

              The WRTC schedule allows competitors time to take the Thursday tour to Leipzig and the Monday tour to Berlin. The busses will leave after the meeting on Thursday morning and will be back in the afternoon to give you enough time to change for the opening ceremony.

              During the times that the teams will be busy (Friday for station setup and Saturday/Sunday for the contest) we are running tours to Dresden and Wörlitzer Park for non-competitors.

              All tours use first class buses with English speaking tourist guides.

              Don’t forget to put some Sightseeing of Wittenberg into your schedule. The WRTC is based in the center of this historical town in the heart of Europe and gives you a unique and easy way to learn more about the history of the region. The tourist guides walk with you through the city centre, telling fascinating stories about Martin Luther or show you the place where Wilhelm Weber was born, (Weber invented wire based telegraphy with Gauss in 1833).

              Especially for our friends from Russia: Dalichow Events can organise Wittenberg sightseeing tours in the Russian Language. Please let us know asap if you require them to organise a Russian Language tour.

              Additional events and offers (not yet bookable)

              Don’t forget the "Ham Widows Ball" on Wednesday evening. This event was started at WRTC 2014 to bring together the XYLs and OMs of the competitors and referees. (You can read the story about the 2014 event in the excellent book “Contact Sport” by J.K. George N3BB).

              We could also organise a "Beer DXpedition" on Wednesday evening. This would be a scientific approach to beer drinking with a visit to the historical brewery in Wittenberg and other places associated with beer.

              A Personal Note by DL6MHW

              I do not live in the Wittenberg/Jessen region but I’m not far away. Of course Dresden, Leipzig and Berlin are places you should visit. Dresden is famous for culture, art and baroque architecture. Leipzig is different and fascinating. It is a historic place. e.g. with the Völkerschlacht, where Russia and the allied countries won against the Napoleonic army in 1813.

              But my “insider tip” is a trip to the Wörlitzer Park. This is a beautiful historic garden from the 18th century. A visit provides a relaxed day with short walks and a boat trip and will be the ideal Sunday trip for those who are not busy in the contest.

              If I were to make a Top-3 List it would be:

              1. Wörlitzer Park,
              2. Sightseeing in Wittenberg
              3. Visit to Leipzig
              (If you have an additional day before or after the WRTC you should fit in a trip to Dresden.)


              Please book your tickets and bus tours now

              You can book additional tours later but there may be limited seats available.

              Moreover please let us know if you are interested in either the “Beer DXpedition” or the “Russian language sightseeing tour of Wittenberg”.

              To contact us please E-Mail

              73 de Ralf, DK1DSA
              WRTC 2018 lodging & hospitality
              73 Al 4L5A




                it is not always easy to keep up the pace after such a big event like the WRTC 2018. So it took a while with to get the QSL stuff organized and done. But we are moving forward.

                QSL cards are ordered at our printer Sax-Print.

                We uploaded all logs to Clublog and provide an OQRS for bureau and direct QSL cards. Just go to and apply for your QSL cards with the Y8 callsigns.

                Please don't send paper QSL cards to us. Neither to me nor to any one else in the Organizing Committee. We don't collect them, we don't need them.

                We uploaded all QSOs to LOTW at the beginning of October. If you are still missing one or another QSO, just contact us:

                73s Chris DL1MGB
                73 Al 4L5A