27th March 2018

Hello worldwide HF contesters

This coming weekend March 31st/April 1st 2018 is the annual 24 hour UK/EI DX CW contest. Everyone can work everyone, with two types of Multipler (a) UK & EI District Codes and (b) DXCC countries.

This contest runs from 1200-1200z with UK and EI stations sending RST (optional) + Serial number + two-letter district code. Stations outside of the UK and EI send RST (optional) + Serial number.

CW on 80m to 10m – there are 12 hour and 24 hour sections and other interesting features such as a 'Real Time Scoreboard', a remote operating category, 'single element antenna' overlay and a simplified multi-op category designed with club operation in mind.

The log submission deadline is 24 hours after the end of the contest – the adjudication software then allows the provisional Results to be online 20 minutes after this deadline.

The overall winner will be awarded the magnificent Kenwood Cup (sponsored by Kenwood UK) – there are plaques and certificates for other section winners.

Full Rules (in several languages) can be found here : http://www.ukeicc.com/which-contest/...-contest-rules

Upload your Cabrillo logfile here : http://logs.ukeicc.com/cgi-bin/hfent...20CW%20Contest

Note - the log submission robot will reject any logs which have format errors, so please check the e-mail response from the robot to ensure that your log has been accepted. You will be asked to correct a rejected logfile and resubmit it.

Hoping for good DX propagation at the weekend !

73 Chris GM3WOJ / GM2V UKEICC team

UK/EI CW Contest