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Video - ISS SSTV Passes 28 October 2018

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    Video - ISS SSTV Passes 28 October 2018

    Here are many International Space Station Slow Scan TV photos that I captured on October 28 & 29.

    These were received using just an Arrow Antenna J Pole antenna, Yaesu FT-857, and Tigertronics Signalink USB radio to computer interface. OBS was used to capture the screens of Orbitron and MMSSTV software. OBS also recorded the audio from the radio.

    Playback the video and try to decode the images. MMSSTV works great for Windows. I use CQ SSTV from Black Cat systems on my iPhone. You can hold the phone up to the speakers to decode.

    These images are sent in PD120 format. This takes 120 seconds for each second. There is also a 120-second gap between photos when sent from the ISS. I have edited out the gaps and noisy passes.

    Use Heaven Above to learn when the ISS passes overhead. Register your location and then run the ISS prediction.

    Author - K7AGE

    73 Al 4L5A