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New RTTY Sub Bands in Japan

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    New RTTY Sub Bands in Japan

    Before going into the CQ WW RTTY contest at the last weekend of this month, I'd like to remind you of the JA RTTY sub-bands.

    80m 3520 - 3580, 3599 - 3612 and 3662 - 3680 40m 7030 - 7200 20m 14070 - 14150 15m 21070 - 21150 10m 28070 - 28200

    The high light of the change this year is the expansion on 80m.
    We still cannot transmit on the main zone of 3580 - 3599 but 80m has been a little bit expanded compared to past years.

    I will try to operate on 80m more often and hope to get more contacts than last year.
    See you on all bands including 80m in the coming WW contest.

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    73 Al 4L5A