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ZL2IFB - FT8 Operating Guide

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    ZL2IFB - FT8 Operating Guide

    From ZL2IFB: "Today I've published my FT8 Operating Guide, a collection of pragmatic tips that takes over where the WSJT-X help and installation notes leave off. It is specifically aimed at HF DXers - not so much the moon bouncers, meteor pingers and other amazing DXers but those of us slugging it out daily on the short waves.

    "It started out as my rough notes as I fumbled around with the new mode. Those grew steadily over the past few months, absorbing information, advice and helpful hints from many sources including plenty of encouraging comments on the web version. I've peppered it with screen shots, quotes, comments and ideas, and given it a little structure. It's still not entirely 'finished' (partly because the operating techniques and software are still evolving) but I wanted to get it out there ahead of Bouvet, so those who intend to have a go at working 3Y0Z on FT8 have a chance to read and practice their skills, honing their techniques before the Main Event.

    "It's here:

    "Enjoy! Feedback welcome, especially corrections and further tips ... such as how we are going to cope with 3Y0Z's extra wide splits, and wall-to-wall continuous callers.

    "See some of you down the waterfall. 73, Gary ZL2IFB"

    ZL2IFB Gary Hinson, Hastings, New Zealand.

    73 Al 4L5A