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DXCC News - November 2018

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    DXCC News - November 2018

    DXCC NEWS (Contact Your DXAC Representative). On November 1st, the Great Lakes Division (GLD) amateurs were informed by Stan Arnett II, AC8W, GLD DXAC Representative, of the following : "Given the evident popu- larity of the new FT8 mode of communication demonstrated by the data collected in LoTW showing a seven figure increase in the number of monthly QSOs year over year resulting from the explosive adoption of the mode by hams worldwide, and the extremely high percentage (approximating 40%) of all QSOs being made with this mode at the current sunspot minimum.
    The DXAC is investigating the advisability, feasibility and desir- ability of creating or modifying one or more digital mode awards in the DXCC program to accommodate encourage and reward new modes of amateur radio activity on the bands.
    How do you feel? Should we:
    a) Create endorsement stickers for the existing Digital DXCC (i.e. RTTY-100; PSK31-100, JT65-100, FT8-100, etc with incremental stickers125, 150, 200 and so on)
    b) Create a separate DXCC award for each mode
    c) Do nothing at all and leave new digital modes under the existing
    Digital DXCC.

    Are there other options?
    Your opinion is important so let Stan know at <>.
    Deadline for responses is Wednesday, November 14th."
    73 Al 4L5A