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    LU9EFO - Africa Tour

    Martin, LU9EFO will be active from 12 different country in Africa, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Senegal, Malawi.
    Information from Martin:
    Today I'm going for a more supportive Dxpedition

    Many friends, radio colleagues are the ones who help me through private donations, to buy my tickets and continue traveling and thus carry out a new Dxpedition.

    I have the luck and confidence to have all of them, without a doubt I was won by all my previous Dxpedition, a long journey to this day.

    Tour that took me through South America and part of Central America.

    For those who are not radio amateurs and do not know what a Dxpedition is, I can briefly explain that Una Dxpedition is the international name of an activity carried out by radio amateurs, basically it is an expedition to what is considered an exotic place by the global operators, Maybe because of its remoteness, access restrictions or simply because there are very few active radio amateurs from that place.

    DX is a telegraphic abbreviation of "distance" or "distant", which is used to this day.
    There is a great work to do a Dxpedition, for many outsiders, think that one goes on vacation to these place and although the pleasure of joining travel with doing what one likes in my case (radio), everything has your commitment and dedication. I do not stay in luxurious hotels, I go through the process of endless permits to take my radios and many others I risk without proper permission, I set the station as I can, sometimes with spectacular antennas and others with a simple wire, I call for hours to air waiting for the propagation openings to communicate and many more aspects that lead to a Dxpedition.

    But to go through all this, has a final result, which makes me happy knowing that hundreds of colleagues around the world will be waiting to hear my CQ CQ DX DX DX ...

    All this without a doubt, I always do it with great support from other radioaficioandos colleagues who have opened their hearts to me, providing a place to sleep, eat, have shown me their cities and made me a temporary part of their family. I am eternally grateful to all of them.

    But so much love, so much support I feel today after so many trips that I traveled, that this can not be limited to a simple Dxpedition (activation), that feeds my own egos for having been in this or that remote site.

    This hobby can give much more, make emissions from those places, grant QSL and operate with indicatives of countries or regions that are often marked by great poverty in economic terms. I feel that this is a very frivolous image of ham radio.

    As a ham radio operator I feel I can do many other things in these regions that a simple Dxpedition, I can: collaborate with aid organizations (NGOs), for example, to contribute, install and teach how to handle communications equipment that can improve the standard of living of the natives; support health services by setting up radio links in order to respond more quickly to the population; install equipment to favor contacts between schools, villages and groups of people living in remote areas.

    These are just some ideas that I have and I want to make this challenge for this new continent a reality for my "AFRICA".

    Radio is the only possible way to reach remote communities, with high levels of illiteracy, without an Internet connection or an electricity network. It is the means of communication par excellence among a large part of the world population, and often the only one available.

    I invite you then to continue traveling with me, now I need more than ever the support of all of you, knowing that it is no longer a matter of discovering or taking experience from each visited country, now it is about what I have to give, to help, To leave.

    I count on you, they accompany me?

    Martin Butera LU9EFO

    LU9EFO Africa Tour
    73 Al 4L5A