Gunter Hartmann, DK2WH is currently active as V51WH from Omaruru, Namibia.
He is working on HF Bands.
QSL via DK2WH.
Info from qrz:
Please do not send letters to my address in Namibia. The chance is nearly 100% that I will never get your mail.
V51WH since 2012, DK2WH since 1968
Former callsigns: A25/DK2WH, F0DPX, OK8WHA, V5/DK2WH, V51/DK2WH, VE6/DK2WH, VE7/DK2WH, ZS3/DK2WH, ZS9/DK2WH, ZS0PI

V51WH Guenter Hartmann, Omaruru, Namibia QSL Card