Daniel Ferrato, IK2SGL is currently active as OA9DVK from Peru.
He is working 160 - 6m.
QSL via LOTW, eQSL, QRZ Log Book.
No paper QSL.
Information from his qrz page:
I moved to the Peruvian selva with my wife Sally. We are international volunteers in a worldwide education program. We contact and help the indigenous people of the region: the Awajun people. There is nothing better than help others and use our own energies and resources to give a hope to people. I firmly believe that the Holy Bible does give good counsels and a real hope for the future. (Psalms 37:10,11,29) We are not paid nor do we have a confortable life as we used to have but we are happy. I have very little time for radio but I enjoy contacting people al over the world and practising my Italian,English,Spanish,Tagalog, Shipibo and now Awajun.

The area 9 of Peru is pretty rare. At the moment I have no news of other hams active in the area. So if you need this prefix, just look for me around 22.00utc on 20 meters. I also have a twitter channel where I usually tweet when I am on air if internet available.