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HB0/OE6FNG - HB0/S59A - Eschen - Liechtenstein

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    HB0/OE6FNG - HB0/S59A - Eschen - Liechtenstein

    2m and 6m EME communication from HB0 Members of OE6V will be qrv from Liechtenstein HB0 in 2m and 6m EME .
    They will start operation from 23. September till 30. September 2019.
    Location is Eschen , JN47SF HB0/OE6FNG will be active on 144MHz. 4x9 el + qro HB0/S59A will be active on 50 MHz. 2 x 8 el + qro.
    Other guys will be qrv on short wave in SSB,CW,FT8 also.
    Operators on SW : OE6WIG Franz, OE6TQG Franz, OE6JUE Jurgen, OE6VCG Christian, OE6KAE Albin, OE6AOF Alex.
    We hope for many contacts.
    Please look for us in DX cluster and ON4KST.
    Best 73's from Werner OE6FNG OE6V

    HB0/OE6FNG HB0/S59A Liechtenstein

    Liechtenstein. Author - Ansku Bcn.
    73 Al 4L5A