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3B9GJ - Rodrigues

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    3B9GJ - Rodrigues

    3B9GJ. Lance Collister, W7GJ will be active as 3B9GJ from Port Mathurin, Rodrigues Island, IOTA AF - 017, 27 August - 8 September 2023.
    He will operate 6m EME.
    QSL via W7GJ direct.
    Information from his page:
    Providing the first ever 6m contacts to the United States from FH last fall is a tough act to follow! I have tried for some time to activate ZD9 on 6m EME, but was told at the end of 2022 that my berth from Capetown to Tristan da Cunha had to be re-assigned to a government contractor who had been delayed due to the previous Pandemic travel restrictions. I have been placed high on the waiting list to travel to ZD9 in September, 2024; we will see if it works out next time. In the meantime, for 2023, I selected 3B9 as a backup 6m EME DXpedition destination.
    Until recently, 3B9 also had never been contacted before on 6m from the United States, but 3B9FR is doing a great job on TEP and F2 ;-) So I will focus on activating 3B9 on 6m EME to contact stations who cannot take advantage of the ionospheric propagation to 3B9. In order to provide sufficient advance planning for stations wishing to contact me while I am in 3B9, I am providing plenty of advance notice of this DXpedition.
    As you know, a good location can mean everything to the success of one of these DXpeditions. Ideally, the site must be quiet, provide enough open space to erect and operate the large antenna and - especially from a location as distant from potential contacts as 3B9 - must provide a good view of the moon rising and setting out over the ocean. I searched for months for a suitable QTH in 3B9, and think I finally found one that will provide capability for good EME and terrestrial success. I hope you will make the effort to look for me!
    I will be leaving home early on August 23 and plan to finally arrive in Rodrigues in the middle of the day on Sunday, August 27. I plan to tear down and pack on Thursday September 7 and depart for home on September 8. Because of the lengthy plane flights, in addition to the layovers, there are a number of days required just in traveling. However, I expect to have everything operational in plenty of time for the optimum EME conditions. I MAY even be able to be QRV as early as the NA moonrise on August 28. I expect to have internet access and hope to be able to announce my status via email and the ON4KST EME CHAT page, and update my log of EME contacts on this web page.
    This operation does include the lowest Degradation days of the month, which take place during a full moon. For me, at least on the best days, this means EME operation during the night, which is the ideal time to avoid high TEC interference from locations so close to the geomagnetic equator. And for those in the USA, I will be QRV the entire Labor Day Weekend, so no need to take time off from work!

    3B9GJ Rodrigues Island

    73 Al 4L5A