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Help asked for Mike, V51MA

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    Help asked for Mike, V51MA

    Dear Radio Friends,

    I have a request for a radio friend, Mike, V51MA in Namibia..

    Mike lost all his equipment in a lightning strike some months ago. He is QRV again but still needs some stuff. I am his QSL manager and I have been able to arrange a few things for him, including through crowdfunding. Mike itself does not have the financial means and in Namibia there are almost no HAM radio shops and if there are, it is very expensive. I am looking for a rotor for his 3 elements beam, it does not have to be new. My question is hopefully not too bold, but is there anyone who would like to donate a rotor and send it to Namibia? Mike's address can be found on his QRZ.COM page or I can give it to you if you request.
    Mike will be very grateful to you.

    Many thanks for any help.
    With friendly regards,

    Harry – PA3249 (SWL and QSL manager)

    Mike’s emailaddress: