Hey guys, I have a website ve2dx.com with many Ham products that I make myself if you are interested...

The only ic705 Bluetooth hubs (CT17B-6BT or CT17B-7DM (USB and Bluetooth)).

IMK2Jr (for 705, 7610, 7850, and 7851) and IMK3Jr (For all ICOM HF since 756Pro and also 9700!), its a memory keyer (8 memories for IMK2Jr and 4 memories with PTT and UP/DWN freq for IMK3Jr)

Also have great custom-made Acrylic call sign displays that can be custom made with anything you want AND it is the only one with PTT controlled DUAL LED Zones (2/3 one left is fixed ON, 1/3 on right is PTT controlled!)

And so much more (Bluetooth YAESU CAT interfaces, SO2R PCBs, Books, Used, etc...)

Please drop in to see it ve2dx.com

Or drop me an email at ve2dx@hotmail.com

The YC1-BT Yaseu Bluetooth CAT interface

Demo of the CT17B-6BT ONLY Bluetooth CI-V interface for computer or IC705