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N1RM - Clingstone Island

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    N1RM - Clingstone Island

    N1RM will be operating from Clingstone Island 10 - 12 August 2018.
    This will be a qualification attempt for US Island designator RI033, and will also be part of the IOTA NA - 031 group.
    We will be operating SSB, CW, and FT8, mostly on 20M during the day and 40M in the evening.
    Operation will be sporadic, so check often and spot us if heard.
    Hope to work you this weekend!
    73 Rick Miller N1RM
    QSL via N1RM.

    N1RM Clingstone Island

    Clingstone Island. Author - Neal Dub.
    73 Al 4L5A

    It was a windy and rainy day at Clingstone in Narragansett Bay. Somehow I managed to rig the 20M inverted vee from a pole on the Widow’s Walk on the roof without falling. The antenna resonated very well in the lower ½ of 20 meters.

    As luck would have it, the Worked All Europe CW contest was this weekend, so there were many European beams pointed at me, so I jumped into the contest. Using the inverted vee and a KX2 running 10 watts, I managed 34 QSOs in 14 countries in just a couple of hours.

    The US Islands group ( ) requires a minimum of 25 QSOs, including at least 2 DX entities to qualify a new island, so I think this was successful. I’ve submitted the form to qualify Clingstone as RI033S.

    I have to admit that the setup worked far better than I expected. The KX2 trucked along great using only its internal battery. I never had to connect the 12AH ammo can battery that I brought along.

    I left the antenna in place will be on the air again tomorrow afternoon.

    11 August 2018