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PS6I - Itaparica Island

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    PS6I - Itaparica Island

    PS6I is a special callsign of Martin Federico Osvaldo Butera Almenara Moura Da Silva, PT2ZDX (aka LU9EFO), authorized by ANATEL (National Telecommunications Agency of Brazil) For operation on the Itaparica Island, IOTA SA-023, in the period from 01-07 December 2018.
    HF band from 6 to 80 Mts (SSB).
    Exclusive Manager stations of Brazil:
    PP5GEL Please Brazil stations SASE (Self Address Stamped Envelop), for the manager (envelope auto-endereçado e selado para o gerente no Brasil PP5GEL).
    Manager Rest of the world:
    Mr. Stephane F4BHW
    QSL direct ONLY with SAE + 1 IRC or 2 USD (no buro member).
    Ads for direct QSL:
    Stéphane POSSOZ, Po.Box 3, FOECY, 18500, France.

    PS6I ITaparica Island. QSL Card
    73 Al 4L5A

    Mark Twain was also a great writer, a great traveler, one of his many incredible phrases that he left us saying "The need is the mother to take risks".

    As we know, solar cycles last 11 years and now we are in the solar cycle 24 that began at the end of 2008. But, since then, this cycle has been characterized as not being normal at all. Even in its most active phase (2014) sunspots were not many. In fact, the experts can not find an explanation for this low solar activity.

    For lovers of Dxpedition, this last cycle is not easy, project a new Dxpedition, it is almost certain to fall into the usual criticism of many radio operators who never leave their comfort zone (their safe and comfortable radio room) and spill a series of criticisms and opinions on how these Dxpedition should be carried out, everyone seems to know how to do it, but nobody really wants to risk it.

    That's why we have to celebrate that there are still operators that maintain an adventurous spirit and are launched without any certainty to perform Dxpedition at the worst moment of the cycle in the most amateur and simple way.

    One of them is Martin Butera (PT2ZDX a.k.a LU9EFO), who at the end of November and beginning of December was activating in two islands (2 IOTAS PQ6T SA080 and PS6I SA023) both islands of the state of Bahia in the north of Brazil.

    Martin, I work with a simple station an equipment IC706MK2G 100W, Antenna Tuner (coupler) AT180 and antenna dipoles provided by their sponsors NI4L.

    The propagation did not accompany Martin on this trip, having very brief openings at night with North America (see video).

    From here we want to congratulate Martin Butera (PT2ZDX a.k.a LU9EFO), for continuing to take risks and not lose his radio amateur spirit.

    Martín Butera asked us to thank especially those who always support and accompany their adventures: In Brazil to Orlando Perez Filho PT2OP ex-executive director of the LABRE (Liga de Amadores Brasileiros de Radio Emissão) who advised on obtaining their special calls and collaborated with radio equipment, to his managers in France Stephane F4BHW and in Brazil Angel Lana Arpon PP5GEL to his friend Tim Chapman CEO Arrow Antenna, (who gives him support antennas in the 6 Mts band), to his friend Chris Fox NI4L (who provides support in full dipole antennas for HF band), to his friend Sal Al 9K2GV of Kuwait (of the GCC DX Foundation), to his friend Kip Sullivan Chief Sales officer in President Electronics USA, to Colon Dx Club of Panama (who supports his activations), to the members of DxWorld for dissemination of their activity and of course I want to thank my friend Alexander Teimurazov 4L5A (Dxnews).

    We expect better results in the next activation of Martin

    Martin Butera (PT2ZDX a.k.a LU9EFO) calling Cq Cq DX from PQ6T (see video).

    Martin Butera (PT2ZDX a.k.a LU9EFO) calling Cq Cq DX from PS6I (see video).

    73 Al 4L5A



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      73 Al 4L5A