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K6VVA - Analysis of 2019 Four new IOTA 1st time activations

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    K6VVA - Analysis of 2019 Four new IOTA 1st time activations

    Part of the reason I do "Research" involves plans for my future IOTA Expedition projects.

    I was SHOCKED at what my Analysis of the FOUR New IOTA 1st Time Activations of 2019 revealed.

    All the data comes from Clublog via my special "Automated" program, and the Callsigns from the 2019 IOTA Honour Roll & Annual Listing. I believe the info to be >99% accurate. Any log changes made in Clublog since the data grabs would affect Analysis, of course.

    Out of 21,883 QSOs made by the indicated IOTA 1st-Time Activations, 34.8% (that's slightly more than ONE-THIRD) of the 1,637 Callsigns on the 2019 HRAL did NOT make one single QSO with any of the 4 "NEW IOTA" Activations !!! Of the 570 "Missing In Action", 108 are listed on the HR and 462 on the AL. A link to the FULL ANALYSIS will follow below.


    The 570 "Missing Persons" have certainly NOT all gone S.K. Some may have missed out due to travel, etc., but since these Activations took place on 3 separate Continents, one would think at lease ONE of the NEW IOTAs would have been worked by at least 90% of the 570. Are people dropping out of the IOTA Programme? This should be of concern to IOTA Expeditioners from a potential Donations & Funding standpoint, as well as IOTA LTD.

    I encourage IOTA LTD to send out a Bcc email to the 570, similar to the following (EXAMPLE ONLY):

    Dear {CALLSIGN}:
    It appears you did not QSO any of the 1st FOUR NEW IOTA Activations in 2019.
    1. Are you still QRV on-the-air?
    If "YES":
    2. Are you still actively IOTA Chasing?
    3. Was solar propagation a problem?
    4. Were you QRL with other matters?
    5. Were you out of town on a trip?
    We are looking for ways to help improve the IOTA Program experience for
    everyone. Please offer any comments or suggestions you might like to make.
    Tnx very much.
    73 Al 4L5A