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  • 4L5A
    Information from VE3LYC
    In view of repeated requests received from IOTA enthusiasts on a couple of aspects, please allow me to provide a few explanations, in hope that they will be helpful.
    • (1) Question: why can’t I obtain a QSO match for a particular operation, despite the fact that it is indicated at My IOTA > Accepted Activations?

    Answer: there are two types of operations which use a particular callsign:
    (i) a single, unique, dedicated activity, and
    (ii) repeated activity, either by the same activator/ team, or different teams, from one or more islands, corresponding to one or more IOTA references . In case of (i), if the callsign is listed on the IOTA website as mentioned above, it is enabled for QSO matching and you should get your credit. In case of (ii), if the callsign is listed, there is at least one, possibly more operations or periods of time for which we reliably identified that IOTA activity has been carried out. However, this doesn’t mean that we were able to identify all those operations, or the entire period of time for which IOTA activities were carried out.
    • (2) Question: how is the time window of any IOTA operation established?

    Answer: in some cases, we have exact time windows directly from the operators, or from logs at Club Log. In other cases, we rely on information provided by our database (issued and pending credits), combined with post at DX Summit, QRZ pages, as well as information available on the DX Bulletins. I noticed that sometimes activity can be highly intense for a few days, after which it is casual, and with just one or two spots per day and no credits issued, it is impossible to reliably determine if the respective activity continues to be from that island/IOTA, or the operator(s) moved to another location. Consequently, it is possible that in different cases the time window available for QSO matching will be somewhat smaller compared to the actual period of time.
    • (3) Question: since I know that more IOTA logs are available at LoTW than currently enabled, when can I expect to get more QSO matches?

    Answer: we are working as hard as we can do add more operations, so you may have to check from time to time avoiding to continue raising the same question over and over again. Worth noting, we do need the active support of past and current activators. Please distribute as far as wide as possible, through your friends, clubs, associations, DX Bulletins, our appeal to past activators of IOTA operations with logs at LoTW to provide us with time information about their activities. We promise that we will check their feedback promptly, add those activities to the list indicated at point 1, and enable them for QSO matching. We have plans to establish a special form on our website to allow the activators to send in their data. Until then, they can do it by emailing us at

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  • KE4KMG
    Wonderful, I'm glad to see this happen. Been waiting for several years for this project. Want to thank all involved for there brain storming and determination to make this happen to all involved. FB
    Mike KE4KMG

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  • 4L5A
    started a topic IOTA - LOTW


    Introduction of IOTA QSO matching via LoTW
    By G3KMA, Roger Balister
    __________________________________________________ ____________________

    Islands On The Air (IOTA) Ltd is delighted to announce the implementation of the ARRL application which allows the use of QSO matching via LoTW.

    We wish to thank ARRL for having made their application available. This will allow IOTA chasers to obtain credits by matching their logs with those at LoTW in addition to those at Club Log. We have a lot of work ahead of us to identify the time windows of past IOTA operations and this will be phased in over the next few months. An initial list of operations arising from the link-up with LoTW has been added to the database and these will become available for QSO matching from Thursday 21 May.

    Further additions will be made on an ongoing basis. We are sure that the IOTA community will welcome this development for which they have long been pressing.