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Missing Confirmations when you made a good qso.

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    Missing Confirmations when you made a good qso.

    I just noticed in eqsl that a qso was marked 00:00;UTC even though I made the ft8 the qso at 06:00;utc
    This is the second time it has occurred in recent times.
    The first was with an SV9 Crete on 6m and although we both uploaded our lotw entries we did not get a match.
    ARRL DX Desk did not throw any light on why we had mismatched as its not their role.
    Another op mailed me with the same problem and we both discovered a known glitch in wsjt or jtdx unsure.

    Its this.....

    When you respond to a CQ on:FT8 and your program set to cease TX if the dx goes back to someone else and you resume after the interuption and complete a qso it is possible the time gets reset to 00:00.
    Or if qsb takes out the signal and your tx watchdog kicks in then the dx reappears and you then resume and auto complete check your time as it may reset to 00:00!
    I entered 00:00 for my SV9;QSO and got a match.
    Which is wrong the qso was at 05:25.!
    My VE3QSO is not matched and I will email him to change his time.
    I am now wondering How Many unmatched qsos do we all have on lotw set to 00:00 utc.
    I think the ARRL needs to get version 2 of lotw going where I am informed we can rectify unforced errors like you can on eqsl club log etc.
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