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Remote Antenna Direction Switching

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    Remote Antenna Direction Switching

    Last week I uploaded a video showing how the various RX antennas and TX array are direction switched at my remote station. Link below.

    The system I use combines the PST rotator program together with various 8 relay boards to provide a PC based rotator point-and-shoot interface.
    This is used to replace a traditional manual rotary or push button direction switch. Although a system something like this is required to control antennas at a remote QTH, it can be useful at a base station as well to have the direction interface on the PC. It can also be configured to follow the logging program to point the TX array and-or RX antennas to the direction of the current station in the log window.

    Over the last year or so I have received a few e-mails asking about how the system is set-up, and there are a few “tricky” steps to set-up the program to talk to the relay board, so I thought a video was the easiest way to explain it to anyone interested in trying it out. Be aware it is a somewhat long video.

    This explains the setup used to switch directions remotely for the various Beverage antennas, 9 circle array and transmit array at VE6WZ
    Although a system like this is essential to control antennas at a remote station, it can also be used at a base station to consolidate the receive antenna selection onto a PC and eliminate a mechanical rotary or push button type switcher.

    73, de Steve VE6WZ
    73 Al 4L5A