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VY2NA/VE2 - 160m - Asia - Pacific

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    VY2NA/VE2 - 160m - Asia - Pacific

    ZONE 2 for Asia/Pacific Basin - Single Band 160m
    By VY2ZM, Jeff Briggs, and VY2NA, Miriam
    __________________________________________________ ____________________

    Jeff, VY2ZM, and Miriam, VY2NA, will again be operating from ZONE 2 on 160m in order to try to give more stations in JAPAN and the PACIFIC Basin a chance for a QSO from ZONE 2 for their 160m WAZ 40 award. We will be QRV from 6 December - 12 December 2019 operating as VY2NA/VE2 from 50.112 North in Grid FO60te.

    Plans call for CW for JA starting 0700-0800Z on 1825.5 QSX down at 1824.5 initially each morning. If no propagation exists on CW, we will switch to FT8 transmitting on either 1840 (or perhaps 1838) QSX at 1908 for JA and other callers.

    There will be some operating time devoted generally to other areas at other times on Topband, but the principle objective of this second trip is to try to give ZONE 2 to our JA friends who need this zone to complete their WAZ 40 single band 160m.

    We will be monitoring ON4KST chat most times and on DX SUMMIT as well. Please watch both in order to track what we may be doing at any given moment.
    73 Al 4L5A