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VE6WZ - Topband RBN and cluster spots

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    VE6WZ - Topband RBN and cluster spots

    This winter I've noticed that when CQing on 160m, if I get spotted on the “conventional” packet cluster, I seem to get more action.
    I’ve always found this surprising because usually with 3 seconds (!!!) my call is spotted on the RBN network, so why doesn't everyone already know I’m CQing there?

    It seems that quite a few ops out there either don’t know about, have forgotten about, or somehow “don’t believe” in the RBN network?? As far as thinking the RBN network is “un-fair” or not "old school" like finding your own DX, well to each his own, but the packet cluster ship sailed many years ago!

    Perhaps this email is just a reminder to consider either checking the RBN network directly in your browser or getting the RBN skimmer spots fed directly into your logging program packet window.
    I use the VE7CC “CC cluster” program which will filter the skimmer spots anyway I want (eg. no NA spots) and they get streamed together with the conventional packet cluster into my logging program, and also directly onto the Flex waterfall. If anyone in EU calls CQ, the spot will show up on the waterfall within 2-5 seconds! I know exactly where the “open” spots are on 160m before I call CQ. I see the who’s-who across the band all the time.

    I know many reading this already use the RBN regularly, but even in the KST chat room I get questions like “where are you CQing”? Heck, I was spotted within seconds of my first CQ on the RBN network !

    73, de Steve VE6WZ
    73 Al 4L5A