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    Noise Canceller - VE6WZ

    If you have ever tried to eliminate local noise using a phase box (noise canceller) like the MFJ-1026 or NCC-1 and been disappointed, you need to watch this video.
    This video explains how to use these boxes for specific local noise cancelling.
    This is NOT about pattern forming, null steering or skywave nulling. That is a different discussion.

    Over the years I have met a number of operators that have been disappointed and discouraged when using these boxes to eliminate specific local noises.
    Often after speaking with them, I discovered that they where unfamiliar with the proper set-up and need for a specific Aux or noise antenna to achieve proper nulling.
    Just hooking these boxes up to some random antennas and hoping for success without understanding the theory and objective may not work very well.

    For 15 yrs at VE6WZ I have used both the MFJ-1026 and NCC-1 to eliminate local noise at my city QTH.
    I show the theory of how these boxes work, and present some tips on set-up and adjustment to achieve success.
    This is a HOW-TO video for those unfamiliar with these devices.

    73, de Steve VE6WZ

    73 Al 4L5A