An EPM handheld multiband transceiver with enhanced resistance to radio-electronic warfare designed for tactical command level for all military branches. The AT RF23 complements the AT RF20 radio system and is therefore fully compatible with all transceivers of this system in terms of voice and data communication. It differs from the AT RF20 handheld transceiver in particular by its connectivity to standardized accessories used by other radio manufacturers - antennas and electro-acoustic sets. Using TNC-type antenna connector significantly expands the range of suitable antennas, including products by RADIALL and TRIVAL ANTENNE. Standardized audio-frequency electro-acoustic sets are connected with the U-229/U audio-frequency connector (according to MIL-DTL-55116). The connector can be connected to acoustic devices by SONETRONICS, CJ COMPONENT PRODUCTS, etc. AT RF23 transceiver offers new accessories and features, including built-in GPS receiver with automatic position reporting behind voice or data broadcast – the G-track system.

AT RF 23 Handheld Multiband VHF Military transceiver

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