Hades is a pocketQue 1.5P format satellite designed and built by AMSAT-EA.
Its main function is to act as an FM voice repeater and an FSK digital data transponder. It also has a CW beacon and recorded voice, with the call sign AM6SAT. As an experimental load, it carries a module with an SSTV camera developed and manufactured in the Department of Radioelectronics of the Brno University of Technology in the Czech Republic.

Single downlink frequency: 436.888 MHz FM / FSK / CW

More information about the project:

QSLs: Reception of telemetry or record of FM voice beacon will be awarded with a printed QSL. Please send your reports to contacto@amsat-ea.org or by post to: AMSAT EA PO BOX 74001 28080 MADRID SPAIN

AM6SAT Hades