Hyderabad-based space tech startup Dhruva Space launched twin 0.5 U amateur satellites – Thybolt 1 & Thybolt 2. The launched vehicle Indian Space Research Organisation’s PSLV-C54 lifted off on November 26th and both the satellites were successfully placed in a near-circular polar sun-synchronous orbit at an altitude of 511 km. With a spotlight on amateur radio (ham radio) communications, the Thybolt Mission is supported by various ham radio clubs across India. Telemetry Links to Follow dhruvaspace.com/dhruva-space-thybolt-mission-ham-radio-operators https://db.satnogs.org/satellite/WQP...5126-1772-6682 db.satnogs.org/satellite/FBWZ-9594-5872-5644-3969 community.libre.space/t/isro-pslv-c54-eos-06-mission-2022-11-26-06-26-utc/9805 Dhruva Space was started 10 years by Nekkanti, Krishna Teja Penamakuru, Abhay Egoor, and Chaitanya Dora Supureddy to make satellite infrastructure/platforms that can be launched from any rocket, equipped with any payload, and operated from ground stations anywhere in the world. “Dhruva Space is now looking forward to raising $20-25 million in the next one to two years to create the required infrastructure to launch privately build commercial satellites” added Abhay Egoor, co-founder and CTO Earlier in June 2022, Dhruva Space and Digantara became the first two space startups approved by IN-SPACe to launch their payloads in space. Source: itshamradio com