JA1AN, Shoso Hara, from Sugamo, Toshima - ku, Tokyo, Japan passed away the morning of June 9, Tokyo time.
Shozo was a past president of the JARL, Japan Amateur Radio League.
He was 91 years old. A native of the Nagasaki Prefecture, he graduated from Waseda University in 1954 with a degree in electrical engineering. He joined Eastern Japan Heavy Industries, now named Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. He became a JARL Director in 1972 and served as president for 41 years. He was also the first president of the Japan Amateur Radio Development Association. He also enjoyed horse riding, starting as a youth. He was in competitive events and the Imperial Palace Riding Club and president of the Japan Equestrian Federation.

JA1AN Shoso Hara, Sugamo, Toshima ku, Tokyo, Japan