VE7IG (VE1DXA), Reginald John Beck, from Williams Lake, BC, Canada, passed away yesterday as he lost his battle with liver and pancreatic cancer.
Reg was first licensed as VE7ANI in 1956 and was a Top Tier DXer and IOTA Hunter with all but one on the current DXCC list for a total of 339/372 (current/total) and 1082 confirmed in the IOTA standings. In addition to chasing DX and Islands he was also DX during the 60's and 70's including VP2VS, VK2KT, PJ5MF, VS5RG, RU2REG, YA1REG and guest ops at KV4AA, VP2AB, CR9AK, VS6VE, 9N1MM, EP2BQ, 4U1ITU, 9V1QE and HS0ISB just to name a few.
Reg was a long time support of The Daily DX and always added invaluable tips and back ground to your editor.
Our sincere condolences to the Beck family and his many friends around the globe.
From Bernie, W3UR Daily DX

VE7IG Reginald John Beck, Williams Lake, Canada

VE7IG Reginald John Beck, Williams Lake, British Colombia, Canada. QSL Card.