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G3RJV - George Dobbs - Littleborough - England

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    G3RJV - George Dobbs - Littleborough - England

    G3RJV, George Dobbs, from Littleborough, England, founder and honorary secretary of the G QRP Club, has become a Silent Key.
    He had been in poor health. G3YMC says he was never a member of CDXC but "obviously had DXing at his heart."
    Others say he was responsible for getting them into ham radio. He authored a book called "Making a Transistor Radio," six steps from crystal set to three-transistor TRF set. G4PIQ says reading that captivated him as an eight-year-old.
    Information from W3UR Daily DX.

    G3RJV George Dobbs, Littleborough, England

    G3RJV George Dobbs, England
    73 Al 4L5A