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W4YV - Melvin Brafford - Goode - Virginia - USA

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    W4YV - Melvin Brafford - Goode - Virginia - USA

    Melvin Brafford, W4YV ex K4KJN from Goode, Virginia, USA passed away 16 March 2019.
    He was 80.
    Mick was a member of the Potomac Valley Radio Club and active DXer and contester.
    Information from qrz:
    "Mickey" or "Mick" (nick-name) has been a ham radio op for 61 years in 2017. The older I get the more I realize that HAM Radio ops are basically the same world wide. Our age and looks may vary some, and our interests within the hobby may be a little different but we are all part of a great fraternity! I began my HAM life as KN4KJN in 1956, and later K4KJN, They dropped the "N" (novice) when I passed my General at R.J. Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem, NC. I had at least two great Elmers, they were Dick Shupe W4CBM, and Jack Woodle K4GLA. Without them there would be no W4YV! I think it was around 1966 when I passed my EXTRA Class at the FCC HQ on 12th Street in Washington, DC. Even then the traffic was wall to wall on a late Friday afternoon! At the time we had to pass the EXAM in the presence of an FCC Examiner which consisted of 20 WPM CW receiving, and 20 WPM sending with a straight key. If you passed the CW a 100 question Theory test was next. To be honest I was shaking like a leaf! The Amateur radio EXTRA test was much more difficult than the First Class commerical test (to me). Later in 1976 I gave up K4KJN and swapped it for W4YV. Most of the time I've been a DX'er and CW man. However I've been off the air since 2011, and my fist has really gone to pot. HI ! I owe most if not all of my Electronics career (30+Years with C&P Tel/Co) to Ham Radio!
    73, and GOD bless America.
    "Mick" - W4YV - Alias W4TEL

    W4YV Melvin Brafford, Goode, Virginia, USA
    73 Al 4L5A