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WB3EYB - John Shingara - Harrisburg - Pennsylvania - USA

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    WB3EYB - John Shingara - Harrisburg - Pennsylvania - USA

    John Tim Shingara, WB3EYB from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA passed away 1 May 2019.
    Info from his qrz page:
    I was first licensed in the early 70’s as WN3PNF then upgraded to advanced class as WB3EYB. I was a second class radioman in the US NAVY where I polished my CW skills. I worked for Memorex Corporation for 16 years, on mainframe computers before they had keyboards or video displays. I retired from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania after 20 years as a senior communications specialist. I continue to work part time for Hershey Local 98 IATSE (25 years) as a stage hand and also for Skyline Communications as a satellite engineer (30 years).

    My shack time is divided between snooping/SWL with my SDR Play, working 80M CW on my 125 watt Motorola Micom 2E and rag chewing on my vintage Collins KWM2A with a 30L1 Amplifier. When I go mobile I always take my Yaesu FT 857D. My main antennas are a Gap vertical, 80M dipole fed with ladder line and a homebrew Log Periodic Antenna (50 Mhz to 3 Ghz). I also have a 1.5M KU satellite FTA system for fun and monitoring Skyline projects.

    Lately, I have been spending more and more time in Keflavik, Iceland so you may hear me on as TF/WB3EYB.

    Hope to hear you on the bands soon!.......73 Tim WB3EYB

    WB3EYB John Tim Shingara, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
    73 Al 4L5A