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N6XMA - Ed Stevens - Stockton - California - USA

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    N6XMA - Ed Stevens - Stockton - California - USA

    Ed Stevens, N6XMA from Stockton, California, USA, passed away 9 June 2019.
    Information from John Litz, NZ6Q:
    My how this hurts to realize that my closest of friends and partner in all things Amateur Radio is gone. Tragically Ed, N6XMA "Mister Ed" passed away suddenly yesterday. He has been a part of nearly every day of my life for more than a decade and my friend for 35 + years. Almost every event in Amateur Radio I've been involved in has had Ed in it. So many memories, so many wonderful moments. So many stories that begin... "When Ed and I were.... " While it is too late now to say it to you, I know you can feel it still - thank you for being my friend, mentor and supporter... even when I felt like I didn't deserve it, you were still there for me.

    N6XMA Ed Stevens, Stockton, California, USA
    73 Al 4L5A