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DL2YAG - Juergen Eisinga - Bottrop - Germany

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    DL2YAG - Juergen Eisinga - Bottrop - Germany

    Joe, Juergen Eisinga, DL2YAG, SV0IE from Bottrop, Germany passed away.
    Juergen was active DXer and Contester.
    Information received from Norbert Meyer.
    Information from his qrz page:
    Hi, here is Joe (Juergen) Eisinga, DL2YAG

    Since 1977 first call DD7WM. Since 1979 DL2YAG. Second call sign is SV0IE since 1992.

    Further calls : since 1981 DK0YB (DARC-Clubstation DOK L13)and since 1998 DN1YB (Education licenze) and 2002 DA0YB (Special Callsign for Clubstation DK0YB / 20th anniversary)

    My hobbies : Amateur Radio, Computer, Video, Films, Music, Greece, Oyzo, Olive-oil, travelling and many more but only a little bit of time

    My radio shack: HF: Yaesu Transceiver FT-890, Linear Yaesu FL 2277B, 7 element Yagi Fritzel Beam, W3DZZ - VHF: 144/430 Mhz Duoband TRX Kenwood, Linear, Yagi, GP, - ATV: 430/1200 Mhz homemade TRX, Linear 50W out, TV Mon. LoopYagi, Yagi, RX, Computer, Internet, PacketRadio, Pactor, Amtor, RTTY and more

    DL2YAG Juergen Eisinga, Bottrop, Germany​​​​​​​
    73 Al 4L5A