Joseph Areyzaga, K1JGA from Manchester, New Hampshire, USA passed away.
Information from his qrz page:
Hello There

For those who like to read my bio.

I got the bug in 1976 .

My grandfater convinced step dad to put a 11m cb in his car and i was hooked at 10 years old !

That xmass he got me a little 9 volt powerd short wave reciver and i listend to that for hrs..

The following xmass i opend up a realistic 23 channel plastic radio i taped to my handlebars of by huffy bike.

i terrorized the local adults but they did talk to me ..

I operated 11m cb through my teens and aldult my last radio was a cobra xlr 139 channeld and peaked 20 watts lol.

lthe last time i turned that radio on before i sold it the only guy i tried to talk to was just preaching bible and wouldnt stop to say even to say hello..that was it for me ...

Later i started this job and a co worker had gotten another guy to get his tech ticket and talked me onto getting mine..

Today im very much into ham radio and will be as long as i can ...

73 All Joe K1jga