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ON2XXX - Rudi Schaefer - Kontich - Belgium

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    ON2XXX - Rudi Schaefer - Kontich - Belgium

    Rudi Schaefer, ON2XXX from Kontich, Belgium passed away.
    Rudi was active contester and member of OT5A Team.
    Information from his qrz page
    All started in 1978 after a serious motorcycle accident.
    I had to stay in bed for 6 months when my brother gave
    me a CB-radio. After some local talks I began to discover
    the SSB-band on 11 meter. In a couple of years I worked
    287 DXCC's and collected a few thousand (!!!) QSL-cards.
    In 1996 I realised that I was ready to become a real HAM-operator.
    I passed the "C"exams and my first call was ON2BEQ.
    I was allowed to operate on 2 m and 70 cm
    The law changed in 2005 and all ON2 operators received the new ON3 prefix.
    I asked to change my ON3BEQ call into ON3XXX.
    From that moment we where allowed to operate on the HF-bands.
    But sadly, our CEPT/ECC recommendation (05)06 was revoced by this new rule,
    so transmitting from foreign countries wasn't allowed anymore.

    Now we're 2010, the law changed again, all old ON2-operators got back there
    old prefix including HF-bands and the CEPT/ECC recommendation (05)06.

    So if you're looking for ON2BEQ or ON3XXX, don't look any further, you found him.
    From now on it's ON2XXX

    ON2XXX Rudi Schaefer, Kontich, Belgium

    73 Al 4L5A