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W3YOZ - Martin Johnson - West River - Maryland - USA

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    W3YOZ - Martin Johnson - West River - Maryland - USA

    Martin E. Johnson, W3YOZ from West River, Maryland, USA passed away 14 April 2020.
    Information from his qrz page:
    Trustee for W3SO (a VHF contest station located on top of a mountain in WPA, FN00) and W3OSO (an eight acre waterfront site for 160 meters on Chesapeake Bay). QCWA #13278, OOTC #3238. Licensed since March 3, 1954. Horseshoe Radio Club - Altoona, PA (1954), Breezeshooters - Pittsburgh, PA (1957), Potomac Valley Radio Club (1960), A-1 Operator Club.

    CW, SSB, 160 meters is the favorite band. Contests, verticals, radial systems (underwater, ground level, elevated), tower construction.

    The station site is on the western shore of Chesapeake Bay. The West River is a tidal branch. There are three towers on the end of a point; one is on the end of a pier. All are 1/4 wave on 160 meters.

    B.S. Electrical Engineering - Penn State (1960), M.S.E.E. - Univ. of Illinois (1962), M.A. Anthropology - Univ. of Maryland (1976). Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau honor societies.

    W3YOZ Martin Johnson, West River, Maryland, USA
    73 Al 4L5A