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W3EUH - Robert Thiem - Palm Bay - Florida - USA

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    W3EUH - Robert Thiem - Palm Bay - Florida - USA

    Robert S Thiem, W3EUH from Palm Bay, Florida, USA passed away.
    Information from Kevin Thiem, W4EUH:
    Sadly, my father, W3EUH, left this earth last week. He LOVED ham radio & his whole life involved 2 way communications. He proudly served in the USAF during difficult years & then DOD communication work. I remember watching Pops build a Heathkit 2036A during my teen years & he wisely urged me to get my ham ticket just prior to my assignment to Guam '87-'89. We talked MANY times on 10 meters from MD to Guam. In the '90's, we loved weak signal VHF contesting. RIP Pops, may the bands be wide open where you are. 73, DE W4EUH.

    W3EUH Robert Thiem, Palm Bay, Florida, USA
    73 Al 4L5A