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N8PR - Peter Rimmel - Hollywood - Florida - USA

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    N8PR - Peter Rimmel - Hollywood - Florida - USA

    Peter Rimmel, N8PR from Hollywood, Florida, USA, passed away.
    Peter was very active DXer and Contester.
    He was also active EME operator.
    Information from his qrz page:
    In 1960 I got my Novice License - KN8UNP at age 13. I lived in Lakewood, Ohio at the time. Within the next year I upgraded to general class and my call changed to K8UNP. At that time I was mainly interested in rag chewing and 160 meters. I was active locally in nets and traffic handling.

    Having traveled by sailboat for about 1/3 of the world, I later found that I wanted to repay many kind hams for having provided me with means to keep in touch with family and friends.

    I now live in Cooper City, Fl., but used to live in Kansas City, Charleston, S.C., and the San Francisco Bay area. I am a retired Chemical Engineer, having worked for Union Carbide and the Clorox company. I ran my own consulting group of NFPA Certified Marine Chemists for 30 years. Also ran 2 companies building boats, captained a SCUBA dive boat to the Bahamas for a while in the late '70s, and worked as a marine surveyor.

    have travelled and contested from ZB, PJ2, PJ7, KG4 and hold ZF2EM and C6AHR calls. Awards include No. 1 DXCC on SSB and all but one on CW and Honor Roll on Digital modes. I also have 5BWAZ, and I just got 11 band DXCC (160 through 2 Meters)

    I was recently appointed as the Southeastern Division representative to the ARRL DX Advisory Committee.

    My personal mission is to encourage people the world over to PRAY FOR PEACE in the world.

    Information received from Paul Gentry, K9PG.

    N8PR Peter Rimmel, Hollywood, Florida, USA
    73 Al 4L5A

    A tribute to N8PR, Peter Rimmel
    By W2CQ, Bill Marx

    It is with a very sad heart we announce that Pete Rimmel - N8PR passed away Monday September 21st after a long illness.

    One of the good guys is gone on to work DX In the Sky...

    "Kilowatt Eight Under Nourished Pete" was anything but. His personality was Bigger Than Life. He strove for more. He wanted and received the callsign N8PR when the Vanity Program came to be. Everyone has heard "N8 Peter Rabbit" and "N8 Pirate Radio" many times.

    A Kind and Generous man. A Mensch to some. He was Helpful and knowledgeable and so Unselfish with his time. A man of many Talents and Accomplishments. He never failed to help anyone that asked. He put up antennas, he took down antennas and as the SFDXA Antenna Busters in the 1980's helped out many Amateurs installing, moving and transporting antennas.

    His religion was an important part of his life. He lived near his church and volunteered his time to the Church and whoever needed help.

    I first met Pete at a the SFDXA Table at the Miami Hamfest in the early 1980's. It was held at the Hollywood Dog Track in those days. He was a Member of the South Florida DX Association and it piqued my interest at once again in DXing, this time from Florida where I had recently traveled to by boat. Meetings those early years were held at member’s homes. We all went to Pete's house in Hollywood many times. He never said no to helping someone or some club. Pete always held meetings, contests and training classes at his home.

    Years later at the most recent Miami Hamfest, I watched him talk with two boys about 10 years old about the Wonders of Ham Radio. He had their full attention for over 30 minutes.

    He was a Folk Singer, Musician, Song Writer, Boat Captain, Author, Teacher, Trainer...He Sailed Around The World. He ran his own Marine Chemistry business for over 30 years.

    His Ham Station was always undergoing changes. New antennas, a new towers, he designed and built many of his own antennas. He designed a Collapsible Portable Quad that was printed in June QST 2014. He was at my house not long ago where he dropped off an old Moseley Antenna he thought I'd like, and then came back for a 30' aluminum boom I had...he was building a 60 meter vertical.

    He's Won many Contests, and was one of the First In The World to work 11 band DXCC. He participated in all aspects of DXing, he loved 160, Grid Chasing, Challenge and was integral in setting up W1AW/4 for the ARRL Centennial. He traveled to many countries always with a radio to DX from wherever he was. ZB, PJ2, PJ7, KG4 and held ZF2EM and C6AHR calls. He enjoyed every part of the Hobby.

    Pete was a member of the important DX Advisory Committee, an ARRL Card Checker. He revitalized the QCWA Chapter #69and enjoyed its successful return with others. He's been Officer and important Member of the Davie Cooper Amateur Radio Club, The Florida Contest Group.

    And he was long time Member and Past President of the South Florida DX Association, (SFDXA) and Awarded SFDXA Member Emeritus Status. Pete was the driving force behind the Club Station, Antennas and is the Trustee of the SFDXA Club callsign K4FK.

    Everyone that knew him has a Pete Story...or many. I've only touched on what I know.

    His Sister Sally has been by his Side during his serious health issues this past year. Sally is staying at Pete's house indefinitely to close out his affairs.

    We know Pete is 'UP' in Heaven getting a Station together and Mapping out his Antennas in the Clouds.

    Because "What part of 'UP' don't you understand"

    73 Al 4L5A