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JH1AJT - Zorro Miyazawa - Naka - Japan

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    JH1AJT - Zorro Miyazawa - Naka - Japan

    Y. Zorro Miyazawa, JH1AJT from Naka, Kanagawa, Japan passed away 22 March 2022.
    Zorry was Great friend.
    Information from his qrz page:

    My Ham Radio Story

    In 1964 I obtained my first JA license for ham radio operation. I was 15 years old. Then in autumn of 1966, I obtained a JA station license at age 16. As a high school student, I didn’t own good equipment, but enjoyed operation with radios and antennas handmade by myself. At that time, there were not many operators on 10m band and many foreign DXers called me every day. This experience led me to the DX world, and my international humanitarian activities as well.

    Since then, I have contacted many countries all over the world, and developed not only a large number of QSOs but also the friendships with operators of each country. Around 1980, I started to lead groups and try difficult DXpeditions. E3, A5, XW, XZ, XU, S2…and so on.

    Why “Zorro”??

    When I was a little boy, my family was running a liquor shop. In my town there was a huge base of the Allied Forces, and as I remember, from when I was around 3 years old to 6, many soldiers visited our shop for buying and drinking liquor.

    Some of them were very kind to play with me and gave the nickname of Zorrito (little fox) to this little naughty boy. We didn’t know the word but when I was 10, a university professor who was my neighbor taught me the meaning. When I turned 12, an American TV program of Zorro started and finally I understood what Zorro meant. I loved it. So, I have used Zorro as my nickname since I obtained an amateur radio license.

    Foundation for Global Children

    In my DXpeditions, I never focus on the radio operation only, but I cooperates with local people and implement humanitarian activities that are needed in the community, and continue it for long time. I started these activities as individual volunteer works in the 1970’s, but as they developed, I felt the need to carry out these activities as an organization, and in 2010 I established “Foundation for Global Children”.

    Issued call sjgns

    JH1AJT , KH8Z , A5A , A5 , A51A , A5/JH1AJT , E30FB , E31A , ET3DX , 9E2A , PJ8Z , FS/KH8Z , S21YX , S21YZ , VP8DNT , XW1 , XW1A , XW30A , XU1A , XZ1A , XZ1Z , XZ1J , ZV5AJT , 7O1A , JH1AJT/JD1

    Awards / Achievements
    •DXCC Top of Honor Roll (340 / 369)
    •DXCC World Ranking No.1 on 10m band (339 / 368)
    •CQ DX Hall of Fame (2015)
    •Yasme Excellence Award (2018)
    •Dayton Hamvention Amateur of the Year (2020)
    •CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame (2020)

    JH1AJT Zorro Miyazawa, Naka, Japan
    73 Al 4L5A