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K5CKS - Rory Bowers - Fort Smith - USA

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    K5CKS - Rory Bowers - Fort Smith - USA

    Rory E. Bowers, K5CKS ex K6CKS, N6CKS from Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA passed away.
    He born in 1954.
    Information from his QRZ page:
    I was First licensed in 1971 as WN6POI as a Freshman in Highschool, I took the exam and 5 WPM CW test under the watchful eye of my very good friend Richard Stevens, WB6BSR. We have been close friends since the 4th grade. I upgraded to Technician as WA6POI and N6CKS. I experimented in VHF and UHF for several years until about 1985 when I passed the General class exam as N6CKS and 13 WPM CW test.

    February 5th, 2004 I passed the Extra Class written test with prior credit CW and changed my call to K6CKS.
    I also hold a Commercial GROL.
    My "Phone" DXCC award #24,212 was issued on September 15th 1999.
    My "Mixed" DXCC award #65,040 was issued September 1, 2019.
    My "CW" DXCC award #23,872 was issued December 5, 2019
    VUCC with credit for 425 Grids
    10-X #68322

    K5CKS Rory Bowers, Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA
    73 Al 4L5A