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G3NVM - Dronz Arigho - Church Crookham - England

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    G3NVM - Dronz Arigho - Church Crookham - England

    Dronz Arigho, G3NVM from Church Crookham, England passed away after long illness.
    Dronz was active Radio Amateurs.
    He worked at Codan and Barrett Communications for many years.
    During his travels to Africa, he often appeared on the amateur radio bands as well.
    Dronz was a wonderful person and friend.
    Information from his daughter Lin:
    Hi, this is Lin, Dronz's daughter. I am sorry to tell you that Dad passed away last week. He has been ill for 18 months and had 2 very serious strokes. Up until then he had a wonderful life.His funeral is on December 1st in Farnham. Please let anyone know who knew him. Best wishes Lin.

    Dear Lin!
    Our condonences.
    RIP Dronz.

    G3NVM Dronz Arigho, Church Crockham, England
    73 Al 4L5A