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F5CQ - Rafik Djandji - La Chapelle du Lou

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    F5CQ - Rafik Djandji - La Chapelle du Lou

    F5CQ, Rafik Djandji, from La Chapelle du Lou, passed away overnight on 18 April 2018.
    He was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1950.
    Later his family moved to Achrafieh, Lebanon and eventually settling in France in 1963, when Rafik was 13.
    He joined the French Marines and became a paratrooper with many "missions throughout the planet". Rafik was first licensed as F6EUX.
    He also operated as follows: DA1HU, FH5CQ (1994/1996), FL8RD, FM0EVO, FM7BO, FR5CQ, FT5XA (1989/1990), FT8XA (1984-1985), J28EO (1986/1988), M0VXA.
    His DXCC confirmed records in Newington show 334/339 confirmed (current/total) and was one of the top French DX hunters.
    He was still waiting to work 3Y/B, CE0X, KH1, KH3 and P5. F5CQ did work Z6, the newest DXCC Entity.
    F5CQ was a member of the Clipperton DX Club, INDEXA and the Union Francaise des Telegraphistes (UFT).
    The last QSO in F5CQ's log was at 2123Z on April 18th, just prior to going to bed and later becoming a Silent Key.

    F5CQ Rafik Djandji, La Chapelle du Lou, France. QSL Card.

    73 Al 4L5A