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OR75USA - Verviers - Belgium

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    OR75USA - Verviers - Belgium

    Radio Amateurs members of Groupement De Verviers, ON4GDV will be active with special call OR75USA from Verviers, Belgium in September 2019.
    They will operate on HF Bands.
    QSL via ON4GDV.
    Ads for direct QSL:
    Groupement De Verviers (UBA GDV), POST OFFICE BOX 11, B-4800, VERVIERS 1, Belgium.
    Information from qrz:
    The American Military Cemetery World War II of Henri-Chapelle was set-up in September 1944 by the 1st Infantry Division "BIG RED ONE", and its aim was finding a location for the interment of the soldiers killed during the "battle for Aachen".

    In that cemetery are also lying the bodies of the GIs fallen during the progression of the 1st US Army - through Northern France, Belgium, the Netherlands,GD Luxemburg in September 1944; also the bodies of the soldiers fallen in the "Battle of the Ardennes" - better known as the "BATTLE OF THE BULGE" - have been brought in that cemetery together with the GIs killed during the campaign through Germany.

    7989 GIs lie in Henri-Chapelle; most of them gave their lives, either during the advance of the US Forces in Belgium and Germany in September 1944, or during the "Battle of the Huertgen Forest" (Autumn 1944), or during the German Counter-offensive of December 1944 usually called the "Battle of the Bulge", or -last but not least - during the final assault against the nazi fortress (Spring 1945).

    The area including the towns of Verviers, Limbourg, Welkenraedt, Hombourg, Aubel, Henri-Chapelle, Plombière, Eupen and Raeren was liberated between 9 and 13 September 1944. The troops engaged in that liberation were greatly part of the 1st US Infantry Division "BIG RED ONE", and of the 3rd US Armored Division "SPEARHEAD".

    The Radio Amateur Station OR75USA is operated by the members of the Verviers Radio Amateur Group usually called "GDV"; those will honor the memory of all those brave men who gave their lives between 1939 and up to 1945, so that Europe might recover its freedom.

    The Station OR75USA is only operated during September 2019.

    The team thanks the Belgian Institute for Postal Service and Telecommunication (IBPT) for granting them Call OR75USA.

    The team also thanks the American Battle Monuments Commission for their help and comprehension.

    OR75USA Verviers, Belgium
    73 Al 4L5A