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AT2HT - Bababudangiri Hill - Chickmagalur - India

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    AT2HT - Bababudangiri Hill - Chickmagalur - India

    AT2HT is a special-event station that participated in VHF hilltopping and National Field day contest organised by Amateur Radio Society of India (ARSI). The contest was on 23 and 24 February 2019. The team of operators were members of Mangalore Amateur Radio Club (MARC) (VU2RDO), NIT-K Amateur Radio Club (VU2REC), and MIT Ham Club (VU2MHC).

    The following were the team members,

    Rohit S Rao - VU2RDQ

    Manu Mohan K - VU3BUN

    Ananth Pai - VU2PAI

    Sampath Kumar - VU3PWO

    Gangadharan - VU2TAO

    Chetan Pujara - VU3DMP

    Vishnumurthy - VU2VTI

    Sukanya - VU2RDJ

    Abdul Majeed - VU2QDX

    Akhilesh Bhat - VU3IBT

    Devadas Bhat - VU2DVB

    Somasekhar Bhat - VU2NJN

    Paramesh - VU3VXT

    Krishnanand - VU3KND

    Mahesh Lester - VU3LMP

    Ansal - VU3AUH

    Srikanth Bhat - VU2SBJ

    SWL Pruthviraj

    SWL Hanna

    SWL Abhinav

    SWL Ananthajit

    SWL Rahul

    SWL Azhar
    Our station comprised of the following,
    VHF/UHF station - Diamond X-520 collinear antenna and 10E Yagi, with radio TM-V71A
    HF station: Inv Vee for 20/40 meters and sloping Delta Loop for 40m and above - with radio TS-480S
    All powered by SMF batteries and a solar panel to replenish.

    AT2HT Bababudangiri Hill, Chickmagalur, India
    73 Al 4L5A