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PB19MILL - De Eendracht - Gieterveen - Netherlands

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    PB19MILL - De Eendracht - Gieterveen - Netherlands

    For the 11th year in a row , we will activate the Windmill "De Eendracht" in Gieterveen. This year we will use the callsign PB19MILL as we put every year the year inside our callsign.

    We will be again with 3 radio's active at the same time and try to cover as much bands as we can. Our main frequencies are on the HF , but we will have also a vertical for 6m , 2m and 70cm.

    Our operators are this year again:

    PD0ME (Mark) , PD5JFK (Frank) and PB7Z (Bernard)

    Again we get help from PE1OEU (Arnold) with setting up the antenne's and also for technical help.
    Our Windmill is also registrated at and counting for their award!!

    We will be active in as much modes as possible. Also this year we can use FT8. During this bad propagation a very good modes to use.

    All Qso's will be confirmed with a paper Qsl via the Buro and also LoTW , Clublog , HRDlog and Eqsl. Direct Qso is also possible , then send your card to PB7Z with SAE.

    PB19MILL De Eendracht, Gieterveen, Netherlands
    73 Al 4L5A