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EH5TCR - Tuna Espana - Spain

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    EH5TCR - Tuna Espana - Spain

    On the occasion of the X "Juntamento" of Tuna España in the city of San José in Costa Rica, radio amateurs from several provinces of Spain who are members of said Tuna, will be on the air from May 6 to May 27 of 2019, both in HF bands and in VHF and UHF, with the EH5TCR callsing, granting special QSL to a single contact, making this unique institution known inside and outside our borders.

    TunaEspaña is a university association, founded in December 2010, formed by veteran tunos born in the last 8 decades, yesterday students, today doctors and graduates. Its members come from very diverse faculties of multiple Spanish and Ibero-American universities, giving room to Tunos who wish to keep alive the secular tradition of the tuna.

    In December 2013 it was declared "TunaEspaña" by the High Commissioner of the Government for the Spain Brand, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs "Institution of interest for the Spain Brand" stating in the appointment that "Tuna Spain cultivates and promotes the values ​​that Marca España encourages and sponsors, which is why it constitutes a valuable contribution to the promotion of the image of Spain, both inside and outside our borders and, consequently, declares Tuna Spain an institution of interest for the Spain Brand.

    On October 18, 2017, the post office issued a stamp dedicated to TunaEspaña.

    QSL via EA5EV, LOTW, eQSL.
    Ads for direct QSL:
    José Mariano López Salcedo (PEPE), Siervas de Jesus, 2-8ºA, Murcia, 30001, Spain.

    EH5TCR TunaEspana, Spain
    73 Al 4L5A